Covid plan

We are excited to announce our reopening for classes for the school year. We have been hard at work cleaning, planning and organizing so we can have a safe classes and continue to offer in person dance instruction as well as remote learning. While we understand the concerns many families have in regards to the pandemic, we feel it is essential that dance be taught in person and that children have opportunities to regain whatever sense of normalcy is possible under the circumstances which is why we are aspiring to keep some of our classes in person. Of course, that may change but for now we will plan to offer Hybrid classes.


Below, please read the attached COVID-19 reopening document. It is important to understand that our policies and procedures have had to change drastically in order to respond to the pandemic. You must sign a copy of this document online through your Danceworks account in order to complete the registration process. You will be prompted to do so at the next login to your Danceworks account.


There will be more adjustments made as necessary, so we deeply appreciate your patience and flexibility.


Because of new guidelines for capacity, we are reducing the size of our classes so they may fill more quickly than usual. We may be able to add sections of some classes if needed.


Tuition, payment schedule, registration fees remain the same as last year. All tuition payments this year will be MONTHLY and will be processed on the 15 day of the month. We will make a decision in the early spring regarding how to handle the recital this year and whether or not to purchase costumes.

Click Here for our Covid 19 Reopening Plan